What We Do

Investment Methods

Pursuing stable profits by investing in companies and real estate.


Hedge Funds

Our Hedge funds invests in securiteis of both listed and unlisted companies in the Korean market.
General IPO Fund
  • Focused on achieving consistent returns through demand forecasting for publicly offered stocks, followed by the allocation of these stocks.
KOSDAQ Venture Fund
  • With more than 50% of the fund's assets allocated to both publicly listed and privately held venture companies in Korea, we fuel growth and innovation.
High Yield Fund
  • Over 60% of the fund's assets are allocated to Korean high-yield bonds, delivering substantial returns.

Alternative Investments

Our alternative products invests in all phases of the Korean real esate development market.
Equity Investment
  • Our strategic approach involves investing in the initial phases of real estate development through equity contributions and capital infusion.
Loan (Private Placement Bond)
  • We engage in project financing, crafting tailored loans to secure essential funds for real estate development projects. Before obtaining project financing loans, we take the initial step of investing in short-term loans to secure land ownership.
Asset-Backed Loan (ABL) 
  • We extend loans by leveraging assets expected to yield steady profits upon the successful completion of real estate ventures, using these assets as collateral.

Advisory Service

We help you navigate Korean financial landscape through our investment advisory services.
Investment Advisory
  • We tailor personalized investment strategies designed to help you succeed in the financial market. Assisting you to invest in both existing and newly issued securities (stocks, convertible bonds (CB), bonds with warrants (BW), and redeemable convertible preferred stocks (RCPS), offered by unlisted companies.
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • We specialize in pinpointing Korean companies that align with your M&A objectives. Our collaborative efforts with legal and accounting firms enable us to provide comprehensive services, covering valuation, legal due diligence, and contract negotiation.

Investment Targets

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Bio Healthcare stocks
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Secondary Battery stocks
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Consumer Staples Goods Stocks
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Real Estate
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